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Oral pathology is a highly specialized field. An oral pathologist has vast knowledge of the anatomy and development of the oral cavity. Most importantly, oral pathologist has actual experience treating patients and is therefore able to communicate easily with dental clinicians.

Currently there is lack of pathologists nationwide, and many dental and oral surgery departments are outsourcing pathological diagnostic services. But the results returned back to them as pathological reports but not as pathological medical certificates. That means, the returned results are similar to results of a lab test where a clinician can look and make a diagnosis, but in fact, the the responsibilities of the patholigica report are unclear in this outsourcing systems. In Japan, pathological diagnosis should be considered a medical practice (the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare states that "pathological diagnosis is a medical practice" [Dec. 28, 1989, Medical Affairs No. 90, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Health Policy Bureau, Chief of Medical Affairs]), and the Japanese Society of Pathology has declared that "all pathological diagnoses shall be performed in a medical institution."

Our clinic is a medical institution, and we will be responsible for all pathological diagnostics we perform. Furthermore, we use an online system, allowing results to be received promptly. The pathologist and clinician can be in direct contact to discuss results and work closely together.

We hope you will get benefit by the services offered by our clinic.