About our clinic


Our clinic is the first dental care organization in Japan to specialize in pathological and cytological diagnostic clinic for the oral region. While dentistry is typically associated with drilling teeth and fitting dentures, the oral cavity is made up of more than that. It also houses gingiva, tongue, lip, palate and salivary glands. Inflammatory disease or neoplasms including benign or malignant tumors can occur in any of these location. Histologic diagnosis provides a scientific understanding of lesions, leading to proper treatment and a happier, healthier patient. We invite you to make use of our oral pathology diagnostic services.

Our Philosophy

  • 口腔病理診断によって、適切な治療の選択とその後のフォローの指針を示し、患者様の持続的な恩恵となること
  • 広く開かれた質の高い口腔病理診断をめざし、歯科医師と患者様が病変をより深く理解できること
  • 口腔病理組織診断、口腔細胞診断によって口腔がんの早期発見・早期治療につなげること
  • 専門性の高い口腔病理医としての誇りと志をもち、後進の育成に励むこと
  • An oral pathologic diagnosis provides guidance of choosing appropriate treatment and follow-up care, thus providing continuous comfort for the patient.
  • With our extensive and superior oral pathological diagnostic services, dentists and patients both can understand the nature of oral lesions.
  • Early detection and treatment of oral cancers lead by oral pathological and cytological examinations.
  • We pride ourselves as highly specialized and ambitious oral pathologists, and strive to facilitate the training of future pathologists.