Flow of diagnosis


Asking for diagnosis and sharing the results are avaible throuth online system in our clinic, outlined below.

  1. お問い合わせフォームにてご連絡ください*
  2. ご案内:検体保存、発送、依頼、料金など
  3. 組織採取*
  4. オンラインで依頼*
  5. 検体送付*
  6. 標本作成*
  7. 診断
  8. オンラインにて報告。必要に応じてダウンロード


  1. Please contact us using our inquiry form.*
  2. Information: sample storage, shipping, requesting services, fees, etc.
  3. Tissue collection*
  4. Request service online*
  5. Mailing samples*
  6. Preparing a specimen*
  7. Diagnosis
  8. Reports available online. Download as needed.

*To be done at the requester


If you have any questions, please contact us